Customer Terms

The legal bit

Beyonk ("we", "Beyonk", "us", "our website" "the service" "the company") acts a website for you to find your next adventure or outdoor activity. We provide a platform for activity leaders ("suppliers", "leaders", "guides", "adventure leaders") to list their services, encouraging them to share enough information so you ("you", "the customer", "buyer") are an informed buyer and able to compare and contrast adventures and experiences. We aim to make it easier to book adventures (or "trips") online. Beyonk operates predominantly in the UK and is a trading name of Hvit Limited, a company whose registered office is at 68 St Saviours Wharf, Shad Thames, London, SE1 2YP. Company number: 11130835

By using the Beyonk website, or any subdomains thereof, you agree to the terms set out below. If you do not agree to these terms, then please do not use the website or subdomains. Due to the nature of the products on offer, anyone under the age of 18 years is strictly prohibited from using Beyonk or benefiting in any way from it's services to avoid potential CPD issues and parental consent requirements for each activity.

Use of website

By using our website you agree to the below:

  • You agree to use the website as reasonably intended, will not harass other members in any way or upload inappropriate content, or upload files that include viruses or damaging content; we are building a community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts and we want it to be as fun an experience as possible.
  • You agree to not edit any material of the website (content, source code etc.) that will be detrimental to other fun-seekers, Beyonk or otherwise potentially negative in any way;
  • You may not advertise other services on Beyonk unless you have our written permission to do so;
  • You cannot collect or store any information on other users of our website;
  • You will not do anything that puts a significant load to our website infrastructure;
  • Although we aim to only allow the best activity leaders on the Beyonk platform, and will do everything in our power to create an amazing experience for you, we cannot be held liable for their adventures or the way they conduct business with you
  • When you book an experience or adventure with an activity leader, you are booking under these terms and conditions plus any additional terms and conditions imposed by the activity leaders. You accept your booking is with them and Beyonk cannot be held liable for the service they provide (although we do monitor feedback and will always vet who is able to list on the website);
  • We make no guarantees as to the longevity of the website although we will give due notice in the unlikely event of the service being discontinued;
  • We are dependent on our technology providers for our website to work and cannot be held responsible for website black-outs, or mis-functioning pages / widgets;
  • The website is to be used as-is and we cannot be held liable for missing functionality or information
  • You agree you will not try to reverse engineer our technology, copy our lovely designs or try to imitate our business in anyway;
  • We reserve the right to amend all aspects of the website including but not limited to the content, look and feel of the website, business model and commercial terms

Limitations of liability

By using the website you agree that as far as is applicable by law, you agree we will not be held liable for:

  • Incorrect information provided by suppliers or other websites through Beyonk.
  • The services offered by suppliers using the Beyonk website.
  • Although we aim to ensure our users and activity leaders use the platform for the correct means, should there be any negative outcomes from using the website, we are limited in liability and cannot accept responsibility of how you use the website, of the people you interact with, or the activities you book on to;
  • We provide the technology for activity leaders to share their adventures and although we aim to validate that information is accurate, it is, as far as is applicable by law, the responsibility of activity leaders to make sure the information they share is an accurate representation of the services they provide


Upon making the payment you are agreeing to two sets of terms and conditions: the Beyonk terms and conditions, and any additional terms and conditions the activity leader might have. These will be made clear to you on checkout before purchasing any trips. Please make sure you read, understand and agree with all of the terms and conditions, as they will outline your cancellation, refund policy and the supplier's additional terms.

We are responsible for taking your payment and managing any payment processing requirements up until the date of the activity. We will hold this payment until the event goes ahead to ensure we are able to process any cancellations in a timely fashion.


Very occasionally after taking a booking for an adventure the leader will face unforeseen circumstances and may have to cancel the adventure (e.g. adverse weather, zombie apocalypse etc.). In event the activity leader deems it absolutely necessary to cancel the adventure, Beyonk will give refund 100% of the activity fees. Beyonk and activity leaders unfortunately cannot take responsibility for any other costs that customers have incurred such as flights, hotels or any other expenses relating to the trip. We will, of course, provide as much notice as we possibly can should a cancellation be necessary, but we would recommend taking travel and activity insurance out to cover yourself against this scenario.

Some adventure leaders will require a minimum number of people for a trip to go ahead. If the minimum number of people has not been reached the guide will seek to offer alternate dates. It is the guides responsibility to tell the customer at least 31 days in advance of the trip if the adventure cannot go ahead. If the customer does not agree to the new date, the customer will be refunded in full.

Here at Beyonk we appreciate that with all the will in the World sometimes life throws you a curveball and you might no longer be able to make your activity / adventure e.g. you're booked on a big hike and you sustain an injury that limits your ability to participate. Should this happen, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible and we will re-list your space (or spaces) as quickly as we can. Hopefully, this will mean your space/s gets snapped up in a flash!

That said, as each activity is individually organised and many of our leaders rely on the income provided by Beyonk, we ask that you please note the following cancellation policy applies if we are unable to fill your spaces.


  • Cancel before 2 weeks of your adventure and receive a full refund (minus payment processing fees).
  • Cancel within the 2 weeks before check-in to get a 50% refund.
  • Alternate dates may be able to be agreed at no additional cost, but this is not guaranteed.


  • Cancel before 2 weeks of your adventure and receive a full refund (minus payment processing fees).
  • Cancel within the 2 weeks before check in, there will be no refund.
  • Alternate dates may be able to be agreed at no additional cost, but this is not guaranteed.


  • Cancel before 31 days of your adventure and receive a 75% refund (minus payment processing fees).
  • Cancel within 30 days of the adventure with no refund.
  • Alternate dates may be able to be agreed at no additional cost, but this is not guaranteed.

If you wish to cancel your trip (if you’ve been unable to reschedule with your guide or find an alternate trip with them), message [email protected] and we will process your payment in accordance with the guides cancellation policies.

Your responsibility as an adventure seeker

Your responsibilities

Beyonk tries to make it as easy as possible to find and book an epic adventure or outdoor activity. It is your responsibility to ensure that the adventure you book is suitable for you based on your level of experience and fitness. The activity leaders (who are all lovely folk by the way) can be contacted in advance of booking if you have any questions on the services they provide. Likewise, it is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of what is provided in the price of the adventure.

Some adventures provide accommodation, travel, food and more, whilst others may ask you to bring your own. We ask our activity leaders to give you as much information as possible, but should anything still be unclear, please shoot them a message through the website to understand more. We understand that we live in a world of instant responses, but by nature of them being awesome adventurers, it might take them a couple of days to respond from up a mountain, down a valley or underwater; so please do bear that in mind!


You must ensure you have the appropriate equipment and kit required to take part in your booked activity, otherwise you may be turned away by your activity leader. This decision will be at the discretion of your activity leader and is purely for your safety and the safety of any others that might be part of your adventure. The activity leader, and Beyonk itself, cannot be held responsible for the damages you incur as a result of you not being able to take part in an adventure due to you not having sufficient kit and equipment, food, water or other necessary requirements outlined in the activity leaders event description or booking terms and conditions.

Beyonk aims to help people find adventures and activities but does not contain all the information that should be consulted before planning a trip. Make sure you are aware of weather conditions, risks associated with each trip, the equipment you require, your routes, the best time of year to go and plans in case of emergency.

You should maintain communications over the Beyonk platform with activity leaders. Should you communicate with the activity leaders outside of the Beyonk website our investigations as to any refunds or cancellations may be less effective and there is no guarantee to a resolution being reached.

Beyonk only works with activity leaders that can demonstrate they are appropriately suitable for the adventures they plan to lead (including industry recognised qualifications where applicable). Whilst we do everything reasonably possible to ensure the authenticity and quality of our activity leaders, Beyonk cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent behaviour they engage in. We allow (and encourage) activity leaders to write a description about themselves, which may outline the qualifications they have. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure you are comfortable with the inherent risk of doing outdoor adventurous activities with the activity leader (who outlines their background in the description). Should you feel like you need to know more about their story or qualifications, you can message them easily through the website. If you have any concerns at all, please report them to Beyonk so we can investigate.

Epic experiences often carry an element of risk, so please note all bookings are made on the basis that the customer will strictly observe the safety instructions given by the activity leader. If you choose to ignore the advice of these staff you do so at your own risk and forfeit a duty of care from the activity leader.

Activity leaders and Beyonk reserve the right to exclude customers from activities they are not adequately prepared or fit enough for and where their involvement may jeopardise their own, other customers or the leader's safety. No refund will be made to clients excluded on these safety grounds. It is your responsibility to understand whether the adventure is suitable for your ability level before you book, or show up to an adventure.

Risk charter

Some adventures such as mountain walking or climbing can be risky activities. You should be fully aware of this and accept the possibility that you may be injured or even killed whilst in adventurous areas. Whilst undertaking an organised adventure helps to minimise these risks it does not eliminate them, therefore you should not book, or go into adventurous environments, if you do not fully understand and accept the risks inherent in adventure activities.

You should also be aware that some activities are highly subject to local weather and conditions and, whilst every effort will be made to meet your adventure aims, sometimes this will not be safe or practical. In this event every effort will be made to offer suitable alternatives but no refunds will be available unless your activity leader stipulates otherwise.

It is the customer's responsibility to obtain their own appropriate insurance prior to the adventure. This must cover the relevant activities you are undertaking. We recommend you also take out cancellation insurance as we can take no responsibility for events beyond our control that mean you cannot attend the adventure.

Beyonk may seek to use photos of events for the website / publicity purposes. It is perfectly within your rights to request for us not to use these photos, but please know we would only ever use them to help promote the awesomeness of our adventures.

Adventures advertised on the Beyonk platform often involve joining with other customers towards a common walking, paddling, cycling (or other adventure type) goal. These are intended to be fun & sociable trips and activity leaders try hard to ensure all participants are suited to the adventures they are undertaking. However, occasionally guests will struggle due to unforeseen circumstances and will have to turn around during an adventure. By booking on one of our open adventures you are joining a team and must accept this may compromise your own objectives. People not wanting to accept this compromise should book activity leaders privately or ensure they rally their troops to fill all of the places available on one adventure.

The activity leader (or anyone with a responsibility for your wellbeing) will review and may alter the planned adventure as it progresses in response to the changing influence of variable factors and will do his or her utmost to ensure that any problems are solved for the benefit of the majority of those taking part. Agreeing to these terms and conditions signifies your acceptance of the activity leaders' authority to make decisions affecting the group or individuals on the trip(s) you are booking.

Information on the site

Although we aim to ensure information on our website is useful, it should not be solely relied upon and should be used in conjunction with other sources to ensure you are fully prepared for your trips. As the information on our site has been written and, in most cases, uploaded by other users, we cannot take responsibility for advice or information on this website. This is a community driven website and information is provided by community members.

If the information of any organised adventures is misleading, then the activity leader may be at fault, given they have the final responsibility of the description of their activity and they are the sole providers of the activity. Beyonk is merely the platform to host this information. We take any misleading information seriously and will investigate and ensure a strict resolution method is found. Any particular placing, mention of people, adventures, organisations or companies is for your information purposes and Beyonk may only be highlighting them for this purpose, not suggesting these are suitable for you. You must make the decision and assess the risk as to whether an adventure is suitable for you.

You must not re-use content from the website without our prior consent. Please get in contact if you want to use any of our information, images or content. We are protected by copyright and trademark law.

For any hyperlinks to other websites or materials, we cannot guarantee the suitability or safety of these sites. Our users may upload links which you should assess before visiting. We cannot be held liable for other user's content they publish, or other websites content, operations or negligence to you, should it occur.


The Company will not be liable where any failure in the performance of the contract is due to: you; or a third party unconnected with the provision of the trip and where the failure is unforeseeable or unavoidable; or any other unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond the Company's control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised; or an event which the Company or its suppliers, even with all due care, could not foresee or forestall. Beyonk is a technology company and provides the technology to link activity leaders to customers and take payments, these responsibilities are made clear throughout the website and communications. As far as is applicable by law, Beyonk shall not be liable for any illness, injury or loss of life sustained on any adventure found on Beyonk, except where such illness, injury or loss of life is caused by the negligence of the Company or its employees, nor will the Company be liable for any uninsured loss of personal property. Beyonk does not provide the adventures, this is the responsibility of the activity leaders.


These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and you irrevocably agree that the courts of England are to have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim arising out of, or dispute relating to these terms, this website or the service, or related services that arise in relation to Beyonk and Hvit Limited.


Adventurers Handshake

When the chips are down, you need to know that we're on the same wavelength. If something happens that means you had a sub-par adventure experience, we'll make things right by giving you a full refund - this only applies where the Adventure Leader or Beyonk is at fault for something going wrong on your trip and does not include factors outside of Beyonk or the adventure leaders control i.e. typical British weather, illness, you not bringing the right equipment or clothing, you not being fit enough to complete the adventure etc. To reclaim, you must contact Beyonk within 48 hours of the experience. At which point, we will work with yourselves and the adventure leader to find out the cause of the issue and remediate as necessary. Should any refund be issued, this will be limited to the price of the adventure only, and will not cover costs that may have been incurred as a result. It is recommended you get insurance and do not book accommodation or travel until you have spoken to your adventure leader and agreed the trip will go ahead.

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