There's a wealth of both mental and physical health benefits of getting outdoors and in nature, so we've tried to distil some of what we think are most important and create a snazzy looking graphic... why? Well, for fun of course...


Health benefits of getting outdoors

Improve the ability to focus by up to 50% in nature.

Natural environments provides mental stimulation and improves concentration, so when you get back to the office on a Monday you'll be refreshed and ready to go. Or you'll just be waiting for your next outdoor adventure fix. Either way, you'll be feeling better for it!

15 minutes outdoors for a Vitamin D fix to aid weight loss and fight illness

Spending fifteen minutes outside a few times a week gives your body a chance to absorb Vitamin D from the sun. This helps bones stay healthy and improves the function of the immune system which reduces the risk of catching colds and the flu. Oh, and if that weren’t enough, it helps with weight loss and reducing depression.

Enhance short-term memory by 20% by having less distractions and clearing your mind.

Reduce fatigue, anxiety & fight depression.

Exercising outdoors lowers anxiety, fights depression and reduces fatigue studies show.

Burn calories.

It's amazing how many calories you can burn getting active outdoors. In an hour:

Rock climbing can burn up to 900 calories

Cycling can burn up to  700 calories

Walking can burn up to 500 calories

Kayaking burns around 400 calories

Reduce Stress and Cortisol (the bodies stress hormone)

Studies show spending time in a "nature & woodland" environment can help to reduce stress, which in turn has a positive impact on broader health.

Spend time outdoors for lower risks of life threatening diseases

Studies by the University of East Anglia have shown spending time outdoors reduces the risk of life threatening diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and can also increase life expectancy.

If these mental and physical health benefits aren't enough to inspire you to get outdoors, then at least some of our epic adventures will! Check out for the best adventures to make the most of your weekend!